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Selling Your Rabbits

So you have a nice litter of fluffy bunnies to sell. Well how do you go about it exactly? First, you need to know what kind of bunnies they are and the going price for that breed. If you know the family history of your rabbit to sell, and you are breeding them for money, You should already know the answers to these questions. But if you just happen to have a pregnant doe, female rabbit, or one that recently gave birth and you are at a loss for what to do with all these little babies read on for some tips to selling rabbits.

First, what breed is your rabbit? If you cannot answer this question, where you got the rabbit from should be able to answer this question. Once you know your rabbits breed you can research prices online. Note that if your rabbit is just a common rabbit with no prestigious background does not expect to get rich selling the baby rabbits. Most kits, baby rabbits, of everyday domesticated rabbits go for around 10-30 dollars each. Many can sell for less than that.

You may wish to join organizations like the ARBA, America Rabbit Breeders Association, if you are serious about regularly breeding your rabbits for money or as a hobby. A small membership fee is required but well worth it to get a free booklet on raising and selling rabbits and all the members can give you countless tips and advice on the how’s, and when’s of selling rabbits. Also if you happen to have show quality rabbits, you need to be a member of this organization in order to compete.

It is important whether this is just an accidental litter. Or if you plan on selling many litters later on, you should practice responsible selling of your kits, baby rabbits. Easter is a big time for buying rabbits. However many uninformed people buy these rabbits only to let them loose to 'fend for themselves' or dump them off at a shelter. Most people would rather just take them back to the breeder if they had the chance. Offering that service can assure that your rabbits do not end up starving to death on the side of some highway, or being euthanized in a shelter. After all, they did not ask to be here.

Selling your rabbits as pets can be a wonderful experience. Just imagine all the people that are seeking a loving rabbit companion getting that dream bunny from you, the look on those children's faces as they get their very first pet. It can be a very worthwhile cause. If you only do your research and are prepared to sell your rabbits for the first and possibly not the last time.

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