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Raising Rabbits for Profit

There are many ways that you can raise rabbits for profit without having them killed for meat or fur if you donít like the idea. Many breeds of rabbits do very well in rabbit showing and competition. Most rabbits can be taught to do tricks and provide hours of entertainment for others while providing you with some extra cash. You may also wish to breed pet rabbits for money, such breeds like the Rex and Himalayan are hugely popular for pets and properly bred rabbits can get you close to $100 dollars per kit (baby rabbit).

To sell rabbits for pets, if you are serious about making real money, you need to first attain a show quality rabbit. One doe is okay to start with as you can always work out a deal with another breeder that has a show quality male to breed with. Some deals such as pick of the litter will ensure you no up front cost and let you easily start your own rabbit breeding business. Rabbits are good breeders and simply keeping one female from your first few litters will have you a large breeding stock in no time.

To gain attention and have people want to buy your rabbits, try taking one of them to a rabbit show. Not only can this earn you some money it will also show off your beautiful rabbit and allow to meet with other breeders and get tips on showing, breeding and raising them. Find a local place to show rabbits, maybe take this into consideration before you select your desired breed. Attending a show once month will get your name out there and increase interest substantially.

Creating a web page for your bunny rabbits with a cool name and layout will also get you a lot of interest. In this day and age, people are always looking on the net for everything. Show your pet rabbits and some cute pictures of baby rabbits along with some information and guarantees on health and temperament can be irresistible for those passers-by of your web page. Submit your page to several search engines for free and also join discussion groups, forums and lists on your rabbit's breed to get both more information and to market your rabbits for sale.

Easter is, understandably a huge time for the sale of cute little bunnies and many parents will be contacting you looking for a gift for their child. Make sure they understand baby rabbits are not toys and no domestic rabbits can simply be 'let go' once the child loses interest. A return policy may be necessary to ensure your kits are not abandoned when the other people have lost interest in their baby rabbits they bought from you.

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