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Equipments You Need for Rabbit Breeding

Breeding rabbits is a great hobby that can also become a very profitable small business. The first step to successfully breed rabbits starts with stocking the right equipments. Having the right equipment will help your rabbits not only be more willing, not usually a problem, but healthier and better suited for sell.

The goal of rabbit breeding should not be just producing numerous little bunnies, but growing healthy rabbits that your prospective customers would seek for. These simple to follow tips will help anyone whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned rabbit breeder.

Letís start with the rabbit house or cage. Rabbit cages should be on average of two to three feet off the ground. This will help with keeping the rabbit house clean. It will also reduce labor time by reducing the need to bend over too much. Keeping the rabbit house clean is essential to your success in breeding rabbits. Meat rabbits must be healthy before processors will buy them. People looking for rabbits as pets would turn away immediately when they see filthy or diseased rabbits. Show rabbits must be exceptionally healthy and clean before any show.

To save money when you are first starting out, many people elect to buy cages, or rabbit hutches that need assembly. This is a great way to save some money. If you select to assemble your own rabbit house be sure to follow all instructions carefully. Loose wires are sharp and can kill the rabbits before you know there is a problem. While self cleaning metal cages are beneficial, keep in mind that rabbits are not birds and need some space with a solid bottom.

When selecting the water system many breeders just starting out use the manual waterers. These are typically similar to the ones seen in pet stores for gerbils and other small animals. As the number of rabbits increase, switching to a self-watering system can be a great time saver. Itís essential that the rabbits have twenty four hour access to clean water and food. Pregnant does especially need ample amount of fresh water.

The nest box is of obvious importance when breeding rabbits. Many new rabbit breeders have been known to lose several litters of kits because of the nest box. The nest box should be six to eight inches high on three sides and four inches on the front side. The lower side allows the pregnant doe easier access into and out of the nest box.

Ample clean and dry hay in and around the nest box is essential for the doe and kits comfort. The doe will arrange and rearrange the nest box until she is happy with it. Do not be alarmed if she also pulls some of her own fur out as well. She will use this to help line the nest for the kits.

Remember grooming supplies are also essential when breeding rabbits. You should also have the following items handy when breeding rabbits:

  • A brush to care for the rabbitís fur.
  • A toe nail clipper to keep the nails trimmed.
  • Disinfectant for cleaning the rabbit houses.

Remember proper equipment can help you be a successful rabbit breeder. Keep these things on hand before and after you begin raising rabbits.

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