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"Sell Rabbits" Marketing Tips For Rabbit Farms

Anyone that raises rabbits for any reason can attest to how rewarding the experience it is to sell a rabbit. But for many rabbit farms the hardest part of making this hobby or small business successful is not the care, housing and feeding of the rabbits. Instead it is marketing the rabbits and the related products that go along with rabbit farms.

Whether you sell rabbits for meat, show, or as pets you have to have a market to sell them in to make any money. Some people just want to make enough to support their rabbit farm hobby while others want to make a living raising rabbits. Either way with good marketing it is not only possible but can be a fun and easy part of your rabbit farm.

With the internet has come a new way to market rabbits and rabbit products. The problem with traditional internet marketing is that it is designed to reach billions of people around the world. Rabbits both for meat and show are only really profitable for small and medium size rabbit farms when sold on a local level.

Free internet classified ad services like Craigslist, usfreeads, and kijiji all offer free advertising and are designed to market to local areas. Using these services is free and easy. You select the city and state you are close to, create the ad, add pictures and click list. You have now marketed for free on a local level. The ability to add pictures is a great way to increase response to your ad for free.

Another way to market is with free ads put up on the community bulletin board at the local farm and ranch supply store. Many of these stores offer these boards for free as a community service. Simply make your ad at home and put it up on the board. Be sure to bring a few thumbtacks or a stapler to hang your ad up with. Some grocery stores and vet offices also offer these community bulletin boards.

Now that you have a couple of ideas on where to market for free what do you have to market? Well if you are breeding rabbits as pets you have the rabbits themselves. These can be sold individually or with cages and all supplies. Look around and see if you can find a wholesale source for rabbit cages and supplies. If you can offer a package deal you will have better chances to make a profit. Also offer to take the rabbit back if the kids get tired of it as a pet. No refund of course but this way instead of the rabbit going to an animal shelter it will return to you.

Meat rabbits can be sold to raptor and reptile clubs as a food source. Try giving out some business cards to pet stores that sell raptors and reptiles as pets. They might buy from you at a discount and sell to their customers at a higher price. Even if they just let you put out your business card in the store as a source of food for the reptiles and raptors you might get new customers.

There are many more great ways to market your rabbit farm, just be creative.

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